Is personal branding a fad?

This question “Is personal branding a fad?” came up on Quora recently so I thought I’d give my view which I’m happy to share here. The term personal branding may be relatively new, but the concept has been around much longer. There is some misconception that personal branding is all about the hard sell and […]


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King – A Branding Genius?

You would have been hard pressed to get through the weekend papers without escaping any reference to the King. And, I’m not talking about Michael Jackson. Instead, I’m referring to Will King, founder and CEO of King of Shaves. The reason for this is that last week, he launched the Shaving Bond. This is a […]



What’s the secret to a great brand?

Apple has attained what a lot of brands can only dream of: avid loyal fan-atics who act as brand-ambassadors without prompt. How do they do this?Here’s one way, the Apple Brand Experience. As a relatively recent Apple convert, I am still at that early stage of wonder and curiosity as I walk the path otherwise […]


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