Personal Branding: Total Reinvention

Total reinvention is not something that all of us will take on, but those that do consistently report that their life is better for the change. I myself can lay claim to that one. For some, reinvention is forced on them due to external factors such as illness or redundancy. Illness is what forced Adrian […]



What have your strengths got to do with your personal brand?

Style & Substance There’s so much resting on making the right first impression, that we often hold ourselves back or worse, project what we think the other party wants to see. Yet, any attempts to control our persona will usually mean all parties lose out. But isn’t that what Personal Branding is all about? Shaping […]


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What have fire-breathing dancers, shops and airhostesses got in common?

I wanted to be them all when I was a little girl. Honest! But this post is about talents. We all have them. Some of us are lucky enough to know our talents and are using them every day.  But the rest of us are still searching for our hidden talents, wondering if indeed we […]


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Finding your personal brand

There are lot of articles about on personal branding, with the majority talking about how important it is to have a personal brand. The rest of them talk about all the ways that you can increase the visibility of your personal brand in the online environment. But, before any work can be done to raise […]


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