Personal Branding: Total Reinvention

Total reinvention is not something that all of us will take on, but those that do consistently report that their life is better for the change. I myself can lay claim to that one. For some, reinvention is forced on them due to external factors such as illness or redundancy. Illness is what forced Adrian […]



Personal Branding: Reinvent your looks

This is so simple and obvious, but I have to mention it. Reinventing your looks doesn’t necessarily mean a total makeover though, although that is most definitely an option. Here are some ways that you can change your looks without going for a total makeover. Hire a stylist Changing the way you dress is incredibly […]


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Personal Branding: Reinvent how you express yourself

We don’t have to change what we do to reinvent ourselves. Sometimes all we need to do is to talk about what we do in a different way. This alone can help us to reinvigorate relationships and perceptions. Re-engaging with others like this can bring about new conversations and insights. And new conversations and insights […]


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