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This month’s articles for Fresh Business Thinking are all about blogging. It’s not going anywhere. In fact it’s role as a crucial element of your personal marketing mix is pretty solid. Business websites who have an active blog generate significant more traffic and hence business than those that don’t. But what about if you haven’t got your site ready for a blog yet. Or maybe you’re not sure about being able to maintain the commitment to your own blog. Then this is a great time to consider guest blogging. Whether you have you’re own site or not, guest blogging is a great way to boost your brand, both business and personal. And that’s what I’m going to explore this month.


Boost Your Brand Through Guest Blogging

Guest blogging – it’s probably the biggest trend to hit the world of marketing in the past few years. Actually I shouldn’t use the word ‘trend’ because that implies it’s a bit of a passing phase. It’s not. Guest blogging is here to stay. There I’ve said it. I don’t usually make such bold pronouncements but on this one I’m certain. That’s because in this new internet age, the guest blog has become the new press release. It’s a means of advertising yourself and your services or products to a particular audience … Read more…


How To Approach Guest Blogging

You can find out the most popular blogs in your niche by looking at Alexa (which rates blogs based on ‘influence’ via a scale ranging from 1 to 5 – sites rated 1, 2 and 3 are most sought after by guest bloggers). However, although this is the most popular method of searching for guest blogging opportunities, I don’t believe it’s the best way to get guest blogging gigs (as I’ll explain later). Read more…


The Do’s And Don’ts Of Guest Blogging

When it comes to the chance of getting your guest blogging post accepted, like most things in life, there are a few rules involved. I’ve listed some of the main ones here but in your guest blogging adventures you may come across a few others.

Do make sure your guest posts are tailored
In other words, it’s the type of content the blog’s followers like to read i.e. if the blogger usually writes in a chatty, informal tone then make sure your guest post is written that way too. If he or she is someone who likes lots of statistics or research to back up… Read more…


Where To Find Good Guest Blogging Opportunities

Because everyone and their uncle realises how valuable guest blogging can be, it isn’t always easy to secure a writing opportunity on a site in your niche with a high rating (well, let’s face it, everyone wants a back-link from there so the site’s owner is bound to be inundated with potential guest bloggers). And because he or she receives so many guest blogging requests on a daily basis, understandably they don’t always get round to reading them all. So I’d suggest you have a better chance of success if you approach a lesser-known but still reasonably high-ranking writing gig. Read more…


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