Personal branding & consistency – the great debate part 1

As an ex-brand marketer there are certain tenets of branding that just can’t be played with. I’m a Leo and I’m stubborn. I can’t help it. One of these is consistency. All great brands are built on consistency. Without consistency, people don’t know what they can rely on you for or what to expect from […]



Video; it’s not just you on camera

William Aruda in his Personal Branding Trends Special Report for 2011 highlighted 11 key themes that he believes will affect personal branding this year. One of these is the Pret-a–Regarder trend. What is the Pret-a-Regarder trend? With the rise of the use of video in how we do business; from publishing our thoughts to communicating […]


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I’m starting a business: should I sort out my personal brand?

I received an email from Tracey, who is setting up a business. She’s already sought help with brand startegy, coaching around her netowrking and a personal stylist. She wanted to know whether now is a good time to get her personal brand sorted. Here is my answer to you Tracey: Are you an entrepreneur and […]


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