Is a digital coach worth paying for?

A bit of a debate has kicked off on Quora prompted by the question “How much should a digital coach be paid to help develop and implement a social networking strategy?” Answers  varied from “impossible to answer” to “zip, nada, squat”. As I read through the difference in opinion it became obvious to me that […]


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Why is personal branding suddenly all the rage?

I’ve kicked off the year with the first of my Video Q&A’s. I’d like to try and find a better name for them but for now, Q&A’s will do because basically that’s what they are. You ask me a question and I answer on video for you. So, if you have any questions on Personal […]



Is personal branding a fad?

This question “Is personal branding a fad?” came up on Quora recently so I thought I’d give my view which I’m happy to share here. The term personal branding may be relatively new, but the concept has been around much longer. There is some misconception that personal branding is all about the hard sell and […]


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Storytelling and your personal brand

We all love a good story don’t we? That’s because we are hardwired to tell stories. Did you know that 70% of everything we learn is through stories? Such is the power of storytelling. If you want your personal brand to have impact, a great way to achieve that is to wrap it up in […]


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